K-9 Clubhouse

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About Us

April Braun, Sandy Sutter's daughter, is the other owner at K-9 Clubhouse.  They spent the last couple of years traveling the state and even out of state attending seminars and gaining knowledge in preperation of the opening of K-9 Clubhouse. She graduated from Coldwater High School and is currently living in the Coldwater area.  April enjoys the company of her three dogs (Bear - a black lab mix, Cleopatra - a golden retriever, and Hercules - a goldendoodle).

Sandy Sutter is one of the owners and also the full time groomer at K-9 Clubhouse. She has over 3 years experience in grooming and a long love of dogs. She is originally from the Coldwater area and is now living in the Celina area.  Sandy enjoys the company of her own two dogs (Ceasar - a standard poodle and Athena - a goldendoodle) whom you will often see playing in the daycare along side the other dogs. 

Call into the K-9 Clubhouse and you will most likely hear the voice of Connie Buschur.  She lives in the Montezuma area with her husband and daughter.  Connie enjoys the company and long walk with her dog (Reggie - Jack Russel/Terrier mix).

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