K-9 Clubhouse

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    Come to our new and clean facility to get your dog the full service treatment.  Whether it be for a special occasion or just a routine clean up, bring you dog to the K-9 Clubhouse to take advantage of our full service grooming facility.  Get your dog a new cut from one of our experienced and loving pet groomers, who will treat your pet with the utmost compassion and understanding.
    Also available at the K-9 Clubhouse is a self-bathing room where you can spend some one on one time with your pet giving them the bath they need without paying for a full service groom or getting you own bathroom all dirty!

                 Bath & Brush = $20 - $40                      
  Style Cut = $35 - $80 

Pricing Depends on Breed of Dog


    The K-9 Clubhouse will allow your dog to get over the separation anxiety, destructive behavior, or simple lack of exercise, by allowing them to attend daycare with their fellow friends.  At the K-9 Clubhouse your dog can enjoy the company of their fellow K-9's in the comfort and security of our monitored play facility.
    Our facility will provide you dog with all the tennis balls he/she can chase, plenty of space to run, all the water they can drink, and most importantly, the individual attention of our caring staff.  Your dog will utilize and accrue the skills needed to socialize with friends and be a happier, more relaxed pet.

    Daycare pricing

    Half Day Daycare               $7.00
Full Day Daycare                   $13.00
Overnight Charges                 $3.00

Daycare Package Pricing

5 Day Package (save $5.00)          $60.00
10 Day Package (save $12.00)         $118.00
15 Day Package (save $19.00)        $176.00
30 Day Package (save $25.00)        $365.00


    At the K-9 Clubhouse, your dog will be given a nice, peaceful place to rest within one of our custom built kennels, built by the Mason Company of Mason, OH.  When your dog spends the day and/or night with us, they will be given their own space in one of our spacious kennels (as large as 8' x 8').  Each kennel is equipped with its own bed for your pet's comfort and a blanket if needed.  Or bring your dog's own favorites from home to keep them company.  Our largest kennels allow for your pets to spend the night together also, if you wish.

Boarding Price

$8.00/Sunday Nights


    At K-9 Clubhouse we carry a large selection of unique toys and bones for you and your dog to choose from.  We will also be carrying beds, mdeicines, and other unique items that you may be interested in.  We carry a large stock of different IAMS dog foods for you to choose from.  Also, let us know any item you are interested in and we will do our best to get them for you!

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